Never Miss a Workout – Building Flexibility Into Training

November 30, 2012

Whatever your opinion on programing is, the fact is that most people like to follow some kind of schedule or split for their training. People whose background is in bodybuilding usually separate their training into body parts, for example. Coming from a powerlifting background I often organize my training days based on a primary lift. […]

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14 November Update

November 14, 2012

Hey everyone, sorry that the content has been light the past few weeks. As I’m sure you know Hurricane Sandy was a storm of epic proportions. What you might not know is that my family and I live right on the coast of NYC. We were hit very hard by the storm and suffered terrible […]

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2012 Raw World Championships Recap

October 27, 2012

So this past week was the 100% Raw World Champions in Las Vegas as many of you might already know. I’ve been prepping for this meet for a few months and I’m psyched to say that it was a great day. First off – I want to thank everyone from 100% Raw Powerlifting for putting […]

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Lifting for Homeless Pets

October 7, 2012

My friends I’m writing today to discuss an issue that is very near to my heart. Those of you out there who know me personally know that “animal person” doesn’t really begin to cut it. There’s never been a period of time in my life that I didn’t have a dog; in fact at one […]

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Setting Up the Squat

October 5, 2012

I want to talk to you today about an important issue that affects hundreds of billions of people every day: poorly set up squats. This is a preventable condition that can put you and the ones you love at risk. Today I am taking a stand to stomp out this terrible affliction. If there is […]

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Fat Grip Training for Strength and Muscle

September 20, 2012

Grip training doesn’t get a whole lot of love. I mean, come on, when compared to the typical chest/bis/pack routine who really cares about having strong hands? I like doing some grip training, though. I am by no means a grip fanatic and it’s definitely not the focus of my training, but there is something […]

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4 Moves for a Bigger Back

September 14, 2012

The upper back is one of those areas of the body that doesn’t seem to get much love in the gym until it’s too late. I suppose I get it. After all, face pulls just don’t have the sex appeal of bench pressing and don’t make your shirt sleeves feel a size smaller like high […]

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Warm Ups Part II Activation & Potentiation

September 6, 2012

In Part I of this series I went over the basic tenets and purposes of an effective warm up. If you missed it go back and read it before reading this. It will give you the foundation for what I’m going to discuss now. As I mentioned in part I, I use a warm up […]

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Warm Ups: Mobilize – Activate – Potentiate Part I

August 29, 2012

The concept of a warm-up, like most things in strength and conditioning, has raised some controversy over the past few years. On one end you have the camp that thinks that a warm up should be so extensive that it ends up being a workout in and of itself. On the other end you have […]

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Lose Fat and Build Muscle Without Trying

August 27, 2012

A few days ago I posted on the Train Better Fitness Facebook page a status about losing body fat and building muscle without trying. The deal was if that status got 20 “likes” I would write up a blog post. Well, it seems there was some confusion on what people needed to click and while […]

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