2012 Raw World Championships Recap

by Chris on October 27, 2012

So this past week was the 100% Raw World Champions in Las Vegas as many of you might already know. I’ve been prepping for this meet for a few months and I’m psyched to say that it was a great day.

First off – I want to thank everyone from 100% Raw Powerlifting for putting on an awesome meet. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who took the time to help me out and catch me up to speed after I showed up late (oops).

I had set a few goals for this meet beforehand. A few months back I made the decision to compete in the 60kg/132lb weight class – so that was work by itself. While I’m not a big guy, I haven’t weighed 132lbs in many years.

Besides making that weight class I really wanted to make all my attempts if possible. On top of that, I had my eye on a few records that I wanted to break.

I’m very happy to say that at the end of the day I walked away with 4 world records in the men’s 132lb weight class, 25-29 division. One for each lift and the total.

I’ve chopped together the video of all my lifts – I went 10 for 10, taking a fourth attempt on my bench – into one video. I feel like I had more in the tank on my squat and deadlift, but if a fly landed on the bar during my 4th bench attempt I would have missed it. I think from chest to lockout it was 8 or 9 seconds. My bench was also the only one of my lifts that was significantly affected by cutting weight. I lost about 20lbs off my bench by cutting down. A little disappointing, yes, but I still got the record so it was a good day.

Check out the video below.

By the way, I am still taking donations to raise money for local animal rescues – just click the DONATE button below to contribute. Everything helps!

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steve t November 12, 2012 at 2:06 pm

this must have gotten lost in my mail somehow.Just saw it.
that’s some fantastic news in these troubling times.
In manhattan now cutting expenses so gym is out for a while.Hoping can fit it back in my budget by new year’s somewhere out in Bayside
good luck wherever you are

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