Ya Know What Grinds My Gears? Vol 1

by Chris on January 25, 2013

Recently I’ve taken to posting my training related ravings on the Train Better Fitness Facebook page. I posted one a little over a week ago that you can read here and it got a good response. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

I figured I’d keep up with this because, frankly, there’s a lot of nonsense in this industry that drives me nuts. I posted a new one today but I figured I would put it up and elaborate a little bit here. You can read the original post on the Facebook page here and leave your thoughts either there or here.

Ya know what grinds my gears? People who love to say that you should “Train smarter, not harder.” Bullshit. If you’re on this page I assume it’s because you have an interest in my training methods and what I have to say. Ever read the Train Better Fitness slogan? I’ll save you some time: “Train Harder. Train Smarter. Train Better.™”

I came up with that back in 2008 because I noticed an interesting trend in the gym. Lots of people train “smart”, but not hard. They get results but not the best and often get stuck in analysis paralysis. They micromanage everything and sometimes forget that you just need to lift some damn weight.

Then there are the people who train hard but not smart. These guys sometimes get results just by busting their ass – however, it’s often accompanied with injuries and setbacks and they never reach their full potential. I have a few friends like this who are just gifted when it comes to lifting weights. They can look at a barbell and put on 10lbs of muscle without trying.

My logic? You need both. That’s why I chose the name “Train Better”. I actually came up with the slogan first. Don’t just train smart or hard. Do both and train better. You need an intelligent program and some intensity driving it if you want to reach your potential.

Train Harder. Train Smarter. Train Better.

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