Worthwhile Reading 26 Feb 2011

by Chris on February 26, 2011

I realize that I’ve been slacking on the blog content lately. Unfortunately I’ve been occupied with a lot of other things and haven’t been left with much time to do a lot of writing here. In the meantime, I’d like to share some great reads that I’ve found recently:

Jim Smith from over at Diesel Crew launched a new site not too long ago called Diesel Strength & Conditioning. I’ve followed Jim’s stuff a lot and I consider him and Jedd among the best strength coaches out there. Definintely stop by and check out the new site. Among a couple of excellent recent posts are 101 Ways to Be F*ckin Epic and the first weekly Diesel Strength Challenge, featuring a submission by yours truly knocking out totally suspended pushups. Check them both out, and leave a vote for me if you get a chance.

Speaking of challenges (and Diesel Crew). Jedd Johnson is also hosting weekly grip challenges on the original Diesel site. Check them out as well.

Mike “the Machine” Bruce put up a nice article about why he prefers the Zercher Squat for wrestlers. A good read with good reasons for a good movement.

A good read regarding building a strong back for shoulder health as well from Mike Robertson on Bodybuilding Back for Healthy Shoulders.

Finally, 11 Must Do Secondary Exercises from Joe Hashey and Synergy Athletics. I prefer a fairly minimalist style of training, and don’t use a lot of secondary/accessory movements, so when I do use them I make sure I am getting the most bang for my buck. Joe has put together a solid list of a few great accessory movements.

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