Week In Review 6-5-11 and A Special Offer

by Chris on June 5, 2011

I have seriously slacked the past few weeks on the week in review and even today I only have a few picks. I haven’t been spending a lot of time lately checking out blogs and articles, but I still have come across a few good ones recently.

But first I have a special offer for you. June is a big month for me with lots of stuff going on, one of which is the Strongman Challenge I am running at my gym in NYC next Sunday. So in celebration of all the good stuff going on in June I have an offer for you:

Buy any product listed in my Store or shown on this site through my affiliate link and I will send you a free bonus report that I wrote called Hardcore Training in a Not So Hardcore Gym as well as a bonus grip training report from Jedd Johnson of Diesel Crew and The Grip Authority. Just send me a copy of your receipt and claim your free bonuses.

Now, on to the week in review:

A study posted on the Conditioning Research blog shows that extensive warm-ups may limit performance.

Doug Fioranelli discussed 5 mistakes trainers make when training young athletes

Adam Glass roasts another sacred cow of exercise: form over function in training.

Another good one from Doug Fioranelli about hip mobility. Great video.

The always entertaining blog at Chaos & Pain tears apart the Skinny Bitches. NSFW

My buddy Jedd Johnson reviews David Horne’s Vulcan Gripper.

I recently bought a Vulcan from David and I can say that I love it. I was never a big gripper guy, even though I like grip training, mostly because I never felt like buying loads of different grippers. The Vulcan solves that problem. Check it out.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with more badass posts.

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