Week In Review 4/30/11

by Chris on April 30, 2011

Lots of great stuff out there this week. Here we go:

Smitty shows you an innovative sled dragging variation for developing power

Mike the machine Bruce wrote a cool article asking “Why should I be expected to eat what you eat?”

Another good read from Mike Bruce about developing a strong core

Jedd Johnson was in the news talking about Grip Sport.

Misses are just warm-ups Part II from Jedd Johnson. A great, inspiring read. Be sure to check out Part I as well.

A couple of good articles from Doug Fioranelli of Rise Above Performance. First up, Doug’s experiences over at Cressey Performance.

Second from Doug, an article discussing circuit training and different methods of applying it.

Finally, Doug examines the role and training of the hamstrings – an often neglected, underdeveloped muscle group.

Joe Hashey takes a look at foot and lower-leg pain, and methods to treat them.

Ben Bruno shows an interesting lunge variation that I am excited to try out.

Josh Hanagarne over at Strength Rules shares some thoughts on kettlebell training.

A good video from Mike Mahler showing the Rolling Kettlebell Press. Great exercise for MMA athletes. Via The Fight Geek

An excellent article which puts running under the microscope and a more effective way to get your running in over at Chaos and Pain. Great read, but beware NSFW.

Dave Hedges defends the bench press

And of course:

This week’s Q&A Tuesday was submitted through my Facebook page. Find out what the best upper body strength exercises are for women, and get started on the path to your first pullup.

See you next week!

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