Week in Review 4-9-11

by Chris on April 9, 2011

I hope everyone had a productive week. I stumbled upon some pretty good articles across the web this week including some pretty cool research. Check it out.

Ross Enamait talks about getting and training with a bigĀ  ass tire.

Training with a tire is something that I’ve been itching to try, and I’m looking forward to doing so at the strongman competition I am planning in NYC this June.

Smitty interviews AJ Roberts after AJ gets the 2nd highest powerlifting total EVER

This interview is just awesome. AJ squatted 1140 lbs. Just take a moment and let the idea of 1140lbs sitting on your back sink in. Great interview.

Also from Smitty, an article on EFS about pre/post workout warmup & recovery routine.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the necessity of warmups and whether or not they actually make a difference. Personally, I know I always feel more prepared to hit the weight if I get a decent warmup in and Smitty’s work in this area has influenced me a lot.

Research shows that ancient Egyptians suffered from heart disease, too.

This was really interesting. Heart disease is thought by many to be a relatively modern ailment, caused by modern nutrition & diet and basically every other element of the modern world. Makes you wonder about all the “evidence” out there for eating this way or that based upon how our ancestors ate.

ACSM report suggests protein loading for improved endurance performance.

I am by no means an endurance athlete, but it is nice to see someone supporting the importance of protein for endurance, rather than focusing all their energy on carbs.

Brief, intense exercise better for preventing cardiovascular disease

I think this is something most of us in the health & fitness field knew already, but it’s always nice to see some research backing us up.

Joe Hashey from Synergy Athletics Exercise of the Week – Goblet Split Squats

Goblet split squats happen to be one of my favorite unilateral lower body movements, so it was cool to see Joe highlight them this week.

Jason Ferruggia talks about squat depth

While I tend to be kind of strict when it comes to technique, Jason brings up good points about squat depth here. There is no perfect depth, and not everyone can (or should) squat to certain depths. However, if you’re going to come up to me in the gym and brag about how you squatted 315 for reps, I still want to see you hitting at least parallel. Just sayin’.

Mark’s Daily Apple examines grass fed vs. grain fed beef

What’s the difference? Mark explains pretty well here. The best part of the article is probably where he examines the differences through the lens of someone on a budget.

And of course, in case you missed it:

Do You Need To Be Strong?

I take a look at whether or not max strength training is necessary for the average person. Don’t forget to leave some input.

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