Using the Biofeedback/Gym Movement Protocol Part 2.5: FAQ With Mike T. Nelson

by Chris on January 23, 2011

Hey guys here is the next installment in my series about implementing the biofeedback/gym movement protocol. This is a quick FAQ style article provided by my friend Mike T. Nelson that should answer some questions about how to use it. Enjoy. Don’t forget to check out Part I and Part II of this series.

Biofeedback Break Down

I get lots of questions on biofeedback, so here is a FAQ type, rapid fire Q and A.

1) How do I test my exercises?

I have a special video for you, so just head on over to the link below and get it for free.

I know you don’t like foam rolling, but what if it tests well?
Correct.  I am not a huge fan of foam rolling because most are pain seekers when they do it.  They are constantly seeking more and more pain.  The progression is typically
Foam roller –> stiff foam roller –> tennis ball –> lacrosse ball –> PVC pipe –> dull knife to dig in there –> sharp knife since dull knife was too dull

Ok, so most people are not at the knife stage yet, but I’ve seen Graston tools and they scare me.

If some lighter foam roller tests well, sure, go for it.  But I would not keep searching for more pain when you do it.

Why I hate foam rollers

Why pain is NOT needed

Stop making it so complicated!

2) What if what I am doing does not test well?

Here is the progression for you

3 Part Seriew To a Bigger Bench Press With No Shoulder Pain

3) This biofeedback stuff is BS, I don’t believe it works.

That is up to you.  But what if I told you that you can add something that takes only about 5 seconds to do that will help you determine
What is the best exercise
How many sets to do
How many reps to do

And it only takes literally about 5 seconds.
If it does not work, you wasted about 5 seconds.

I have an email box that is chock full of crazy testimonials from many.  So does Adam T Glass, Frankie Faires, Will Williams,  and many others who have gone through the Biomechanics of Physique Transformation.

If you need more proof, here is what happened in only 30 days with pullups – which is an exercise that many have a very hard time making progress.

Listen in to what Will Wiliams has to say

Here is a video of Frank (a certified Movement Biomech coach) doing a chin up with an additional 106 lbs (the Beast kettlebell).  He makes it look EASY.

4) How can you set a PR (persona record) every day?  I call BS again

When I started training using the gym movement (biofeedback) protocol from the Grip and Rip DVD series, I thought it was pretty nutty.
I was used to a standard set and rep scheme that was programmed ahead of time.    Now I was testing a couple exercises to see what was best on THAT day at THAT time for MY body.

Over time, I was able to set multiple PRs (personal records) in the gym.  I did this day in and day out.  Now, I am pissed if I don’t get at least 3 PRs a day.

I am testing exercises, sets/reps (which only takes literally a few seconds) so that I know what is optimal for MY body.

I work to set a PR in
1) volume  (amount of work down)
2) load (weight on the bar)
3) density (volume/time)

This is defined as “overload.”   Each time I do a bit more and my body HAS to respond with more muscle, strength, and less fat.
Test your exercises, perform them with very little tension, work to add more overload.

This is the basis of the Gym Movement / Biofeedback system.  It literally makes ALL other programs obsolete.

Nobody else thinks Biofeedback is a good idea.
I would disagree.  Check out the interview I did with Bret Contreras on Biofeedback / Autoregulatory training methods

5)  Should I go to failure when I train?
No!  Each time you miss a weight you are teaching your body that you can NOT do it.  You are outside your current limits.  While missed attemps will happen in training from time to time (especially at competitions), they should be few and far between.

“Work within your current limits and you will expand them.   Seek to find your limits and you will find them” –Frankie Faires

Biofeedback training in Gym Movement is all about working inside your lmits and expanding them.

6) How long have you been doing this Biofeedback type of training?

I was the first person to test drive it from converstations with Frankie Faires.  Adam started a bit after me and then many more following the release of  the Grip and Rip Biofeedback DVD.

I’ve been doing if for almost 3 years now.   While there have been many changes over the course of the years, the concept is the same – do the highest QUALITY work you can, each day.

Here is a post of some things I have learned along the way

7) I heard a rumor that you don’t do much of any corrective exercise any more?  Really?

Yes and no.  My thought is that good training is HIGHLY corrective!  You are either getting better or worse, so I will pick better each time

There you go!  A summary of over 3 years of testing and research all for you to get better.   Now take massive ACTION and try it out.  I know you will enjoy it and be on your way to more muscle, more strength, less fat and less pain.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson

If you want to check out more of Mike’s work stop by his site over at Extreme Human Performance and be sure to check out his Metabolic Flexibility package if you want to be up on the newest, cutting edge, research based nutrition information.

Met Flex

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Mike T Nelson February 1, 2011 at 10:19 am

Thanks again Chris for running the interview! Much appreciated and keep up the great work!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

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