Unilateral Training for Athletes

by Chris on June 19, 2010

There was a great post the other day on Diesel Crew about an essential component of lower body training for athletes. Unilateral training is something that most people leave out of their fitness program, especially when it comes to lower body movements. This type of training can be vital, however, not only for strength but also injury prevention.

Think about it, how much of sports movement is actually unilateral or at the very least emphasizes one side over the other at any given time. In fact, there are very few movements in sports that are bilateral. Running alone is the most common unilateral movement an athlete will do.

I feel that unilateral training is so important that I actually included it as one of 6 Essential Components to an Exercise Program in an article I wrote a while back.

Treat unilateral training just like you would any other training component. Below is a great video from Smitty over at the Diesel Crew demonstrating some excellent unilateral training for athletes.

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