Twisting A Horseshoe With Your Hands

by Chris on August 28, 2011

I’ve always been a strength nut. When I first started weight training when I was about 14 the only real interest I had was getting strong. Sure I wanted to get bigger (since I was probably not even 120# at that time) but the thing I really cared about was putting weight on the bar. As I got older that desire only got stronger.

Fast forward to 2009. I had seen videos of guys crushing and bending pieces of steel with their bare hands, tearing phone books and decks of cards and at bending horseshoes. All I knew was that I wanted to learn how to do those things.

One thing I never really picked up was bending horseshoes. I watched tons of videos of the best in the world doing it, posted on message boards and contacted some of the strongest guys I know for tips. For some reason though I just couldn’t get a shoe past 90 degrees.

A little over a month ago my friend Jedd Johnson announced that he was releasing a DVD on bending horseshoes and I lost my mind. I haven’t been so excited about a product release in a long time. I was so amped for this DVD that I was the fifth person to order it…and I would have been #1 if I woke up earlier.

Want to learn to do this?

On August 12 I competed in my first grip contest – World’s Strongest Hands 2011 Leg 1. After the lifting was done Mike Rinderle, who released the DVD with Jedd took the time to give me one on one instruction on how to bend a horseshoe. Mike is one of the best horseshoe benders in the world – and I got a personal lesson. I battled that horseshoe for almost 30 minutes. When the dust settled I was drenched in sweat, had blisters on both hands and felt like I was going to fall down. I had also bent my first horseshoe to a full 180 degree bend.

That was before I got the DVD and with quick instruction from Mike. A week later I tried it again (before watching the DVD). I only remember some of what Mike taught me, put my wraps on backwards the first time and struggled for another 20-30 minutes. For fear of ripping a new blister open on my hand I called it quits and hit the shoe the next day after getting it to about 150 degrees. The next day I crushed it down but was still disappointed that I couldn’t do it in one shot.

When the DVD came I watched it over and over, paying particular attention to the chapters on the part of the bend I had the most trouble with. Armed with that knowledge I tried another shoe yesterday. This was the result:

I went from not being able to fully bend a shoe at all, to fighting one for 30 minutes to bend it to destroying it in 70 seconds. I’d call that progress and one hell of a testimonial.

I get asked all the time why I practice feats of strength like this. There’s only one answer: why not? Why would someone sit on a stationary bike in a dark room for an hour listening to crappy music?

If you are interested in learning how to do something crazy like bend a horseshoe with your bare hands, I highly suggest picking this DVD up. It will be well worth the investment in order to get started on an awesome hobby. You can get the DVD here:

==========> HAMMERING HORSESHOES <===========

Note: I make nothing from sales of this DVD and bought it with my own money. The above is 100% my real experience.

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