Program Design

Getting Stronger and Fitter Doesn’t Have To Suck

What if I told you that for a fraction of what you’d pay your local personal trainer you could have access to premier individualized coaching?

And what if I told you that the training would allow you to live your normal every day life and still get amazing results? Would you wonder if I’ve killed too many brain cells holding my breath while squatting?

Well, my friend, it’s true – you can be an online program design client.

How does it work?

Program Design is basically awesome. You can workout wherever you want, whenever you want.

After a thorough evaluation and assessment you get a customized training program specifically designed to get you to your goals. I don’t use pre-written programs. Every workout – down to the rep – is engineered to deliver results.

Your program will include warm-ups, mobility drills, stretching, strength training and conditioning work.

Too Legit To Quit

This part is important: applying for program design is NOT a guarantee of acceptance. I only accept trainees who are motivated and dedicated to getting the most out of their training.

Unlike working with a trainer,  you don’t have me standing next to you during your workouts. So if you’re unwilling to put in the work this might not be a good fit for you.

You don’t need any specific training experience to be a part of this program although a decent level of familiarity with exercise technique is very helpful.

You don’t need access to any particular gym equipment either. We can work together to create a program that can be done anywhere with whatever you have available.

So basically if you want to be stronger, leaner and just generally more freakin’ awesome you can use the form below to find out about having a program written for you.

Don’t need something custom? Well maybe you should just check out my other training programs.