Review: Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

by Chris on June 19, 2010

There are a lot of aspects to training athletes that are often overlooked. In the best case scenario the athlete can slip by without a noticeable detriment to performance, an overlooked aspect of training usually results in decline in performance or in a worse case, injury.

Jedd Johnson is a world authority on grip strength. He also played baseball for a number of years. So if you’re going take training advice from anyone with respect to building strength in your hands and forearms, Jedd is the guy to talk to.

The first thing that struck me about this manual when I got it is how huge and in depth it is. The main manual itself is over 400+ pages and that doesn’t include the bonuses. It covers every aspect of grip and forearm training that you could possibly want to know about.

The product is loaded up with exercises all of which will develop massive strength in your lower arms. One of the best aspects of this manual, however, is the inclusion of the prehab/rehab section. As mentioned above, improper training often leads to a decrease in performance or even worse, injury. For an athlete, and injury is one of the worst things that can happen. Fortunately, most sports injuries can be prevented with intelligent exercise programming. Thankfully, there is a huge, in depth section to this manual specifically for injury prevention and recovery.

Another great thing about Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball is that the exercises in it can be done anywhere. There are exercises using basic gym equipment that is found in any gym, stuff that you can do at home using household items, home-made tool ideas and a ton of training ideas using baseball equipment. Jedd really leaves you no excuse not to hit grip and forearm work.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t play baseball (like me). Don’t let the name fool you, this manual is most definitely not exclusive to baseball players. It is a grip and forearm training encyclopedia that anyone can use. I don’t want anyone out there not to buy this product just because they don’t feel like it will work for them if they aren’t a baseball player. Yes, there are TONS of baseball related and baseball specific training ideas in there, but everything in the manual can be used by anybody.

The Bottom Line – If you want to build serious grip and forearm strength, this manual is for you. Baseball player or not this product is a great resource for anyone who needs to have strong, healthy hands. Pick it up here:

Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

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