The simple fact is that not everyone needs or wants the customized guidance of my Program Design. Of course, I think it’s the way to go since you get my support and a custom program, but I digress.

So I got to thinking – what if you just wanted a high quality, effective program that you could do on your own? So I’m proud to announce the programs available below to you.


JACKED: Powerbuilding for Aggressive Strength & Muscle Gain

This is an 8-week program designed to get you bigger and stronger. Utilizing time-tested muscle building principles and methods that I’ve used for years to get myself and clients to build muscle and get stronger, this program includes two full months of workouts and discusses muscle building nutrition in detail.

The program is made up of two parts: Phase 1 Accumulation and Phase 2 Intensification.

Phase I is a high volume phase that used an incredibly effective hypertrophy method: pre-exhaust. You’ll spend 4 weeks focusing on high volume muscle building.

Phase 2 is a higher intensity phase utilizing another of my favorite protocols: cluster training. During this phase you’ll focus on heavier weights, developing strength and building muscle at the same time.

The end result will be more muscle and better lifts. In short: a more JACKED you.