Awesome Deadlift Assistance – Snatch Grip Deadlift

September 3, 2011

Problems with hip mobility are rampant today. Too many people sitting for too many hours leads to a lot of tight hips which can wreak havoc on your back and make deadlifting a problem. So here is an introduction to an excellent exercise to assist your deadlift and improve overall strength. Snatch Grip Deadlifts The […]

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Lifting Heavy Weights Will Cripple You

August 30, 2011

This is one of those many things that really annoy me when I hear it; and I hear it a lot. Every time I mention that I lifted XYZ or someone sees me deadlift it is inevitably followed by “you know you’re gonna be crippled when you get older” or some derivative of that logic. […]

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Twisting A Horseshoe With Your Hands

August 28, 2011

I’ve always been a strength nut. When I first started weight training when I was about 14 the only real interest I had was getting strong. Sure I wanted to get bigger (since I was probably not even 120# at that time) but the thing I really cared about was putting weight on the bar. […]

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Things That Irritate Me In The Gym

August 15, 2011

Today while I was doing my last set of Pendlay Rows in the gym I couldn’t help but notice an older lady giving me dirty looks when the sound of the bar touching the floor between reps made a noise (Noise? In a gym?!). After my set, while I was explaining the benefits of the […]

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Week In Review – 8-6-11

August 6, 2011

Still admittedly falling a little short on my blog reading lately but I have managed to grab a handful of good reads for you from the past week. Mike Rinderle explains what sets bending horseshoes apart from other feats of strength. Jedd Johnson is bringing the Vulcan Gripper to the US! Smitty lends some bench […]

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Q&A Tuesday: How Do I Incorporate Strongman Training Into My Program?

July 12, 2011

Ok, I’ll be honest: this post doesn’t necessarily have to be related only to strongman training. I get asked this all the time but sometimes it’s how to incorporate kettlebells or sandbags or the TRX or bodyweight training. Fortunately the answer to all of these questions is really simple: It’s all movement. For some reason […]

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After Action Report: Peak Program and Diet Design Seminar

July 11, 2011

This weekend I had the great opportunity to attend a seminar at Peak Performance in NYC presented by Joe Dowdell and Dr. Mike Roussell. If you’ve never heard of Peak Performance, Joe or Mike I highly suggest you Google them and be prepared to learn. First of all I had an incredible time at the […]

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Q&A: Using Lifting Straps

June 29, 2011

I was in the gym other day and another trainer asked my what my opinion on the use of wrist straps was. I know lots of coaches and trainers who are adamantly against the use of straps, claiming that using them will lead to a weak grip. That’s a valid concern, but I think it’s […]

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Thoughts On The New MyPlate

June 23, 2011

There’s been a decent amount of talk about the new MyPlate USDA recommendations lately and I’ve been asked a few times what I think about it. I’ll try to keep this relatively short and sweet: first of all nutritional guidance has never exactly been a strong point for the government. Far more knowledgeable people than […]

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Week In Review – 6-18-11

June 18, 2011

I want to start off this week’s review with a special thanks to all the people who supported the Strongman Contest I put on in NYC this past Sunday. Expect a full writeup in the near future about that. It went great and everyone who competed did excellent and should be proud. With that said, […]

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