Odd Object Training from Jedd Johnson

by Chris on August 27, 2010

Odd object training has become very popular recently, and for good reason. Odd objects like sandbags challenge your body in a way that regular free weights just don’t. Since they aren’t of a uniform shape they’re often more difficult to grasp and manuever. Sandbags especially tend to shift around and almost “fight back” as you life them, making them a great tool for wrestlers and mixed martial artists.

Here Jedd Johnson from Diesel Crew shows some cool variations on normal exercises using a heavy bag. All of these movements could easily be replicated with a sandbag or loaded duffel bag. Jedd has lots of other great videos over on his YouTube Page here.

If you are interested in incorporating some odd object training into your program, check out Josh Henkin’s Ultimate Sandbag. I use it all the time and I can tell you that it creates a totally unique workout experience.

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