Homemade Grip Review

by Chris on March 15, 2011

We all know times are tough. The economy sucks and everyone is looking to save a little money wherever they can. I know I am. For me, though, I also don’t want my training to suffer because I don’t have the cash to spend on new equipment. Fortunately, Jedd Johnson has a solution to that problem. Enter Homemade Grip.

If there is one thing Jedd knows its how to build grip strength. He holds the World Record in the Two-Hands Pinch lift, a measure of thumb and hand strength. What you might find interesting about that is Jedd used a lot of homemade equipment to reach that record.

Homemade Grip is an online DVD (with the option to upgrade to a physical disc) that teaches you step by step how to build 10 pieces of grip training gear. Among the things you’ll learn to build are:

  • Europinch replica
  • Hand Gripper extension
  • Heslep Squeeze Box
  • Loading Pin
  • Replica Inch Dumbbell
  • And more…

Now before you think that homemade equipment won’t hold up, remember Jedd used these homemade pieces to train for a World Record. If they can stand up to this training, they’ve got to be good.

The video itself is shot in surprisingly high quality. Jedd’s instruction on assembling the equipment is top notch and takes you through the process step by step. On top of that Jedd shows you different ways to train with each item as well.

This is a solid product. The money you save on these grip items is more than worth the cost of the DVD, and that’s not including the tips from a world-class grip athlete like Jedd and all the bonuses that he is throwing in.

homemade grip

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