Bull Strength Conditioning Review

by Chris on February 13, 2010

Conditioning is often an overlooked part of fitness programming. Let’s face it, most guys just want to go into the gym and lift weights. They don’t care about their state of conditioning, and if they do the most they’ll do is some “cardio” by sitting on a stationary bike wasting twenty minutes by doing minimal intensity work.

Let’s face it: conditioning work sucks. It’s grueling hard work, and when thought of in the traditional sense (e.g. running) it’s boring as hell. So what is the answer? Grind out 20 minutes of running a couple days a week? There’s got to be something better.

And there is.

Trainers and fitness pros have known for a while that high intensity circuits and metabolic conditioning work better for overall conditioning than traditional endurance work. Enter Bull Strength Conditioning.

The latest publication by Joe Hashey from Synergy-Athletics, Bull Strength Conditioning gives you 21 unique conditioning workouts that are sure to give you a pretty intense session. What I really liked about the manual, however, is Joe’s approach to conditioning. Too many trainers either blindly assign conditioning exercises with no concept of progression or the needs of the athlete. Perhaps my favorite part of this manual is that Joe approached conditioning with the same care that a coach approaches strength training. It’s a delightful change from the logic of just work as hard as you can until you are tired and want to throw up. Working someone until they throw up doesn’t mean the workout was good – it means it was ineffective, and that’s the way Joe approaches work in this manual.

Each workout in the manual has a clear progression for anyone from the average gym member to the elite athlete. There are options for those who are short on time, different tools (sandbags, barbells, bodyweight) and lots of variety. Whether you train athletes who rely on having stellar conditioning or are just a casual fitness enthusiast looking for ideas for good workouts I recommend picking this manual up. Those who know me know that I have a fairly high standard when it comes to fitness books/products, so my approval doesn’t come easy. I expect lots of good information (workouts, progressions, variety) and lots of it, as well as a lack of “fluff” and unnecessary junk. Joe Hashey’s Bull Strength Conditioning delivers.

*Author’s Note: While I will never give a false review or endorse a product I don’t believe in, in the interest of full disclosure I need to let you guys know that I do earn a small commission on the above product when purchased through the links I’ve provided.*


Joe Hashey February 14, 2010 at 9:57 pm

Chris, thanks for the shout out! Stay in touch –


Csmith February 14, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Thanks for stopping by Joe!

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