Awesome Deadlift Assistance – Snatch Grip Deadlift

by Chris on September 3, 2011

Problems with hip mobility are rampant today. Too many people sitting for too many hours leads to a lot of tight hips which can wreak havoc on your back and make deadlifting a problem. So here is an introduction to an excellent exercise to assist your deadlift and improve overall strength.

Snatch Grip Deadlifts

The snatch grip deadlift is a fairly simple deadlift variation which offers a number of benefits. In addition to strengthening the muscles of the legs and lower back, this simple grip modification places extra emphasis on the upper back and increases the range of motion of the movement. This may help those who have a problem getting down to the bar during a conventional deadlift while maintaining a strong proper back position. Check out the video below for an example and some other tips.


One of the things I mention in the video is how wide to set your grip on the snatch grip deadlift. For most people a good width is the distance from elbow to elbow with your arms straight out to your sides (you can see me demonstrate that in the video). You may need to modify this width based on your own needs but it is a good starting point.

Remember when attempting the snatch grip deadlift that you’ll need to use significantly less weight. Also you may want to chalk your hands as it gets difficult to hang onto the bar after a few reps with significant weight. Using straps is another option. Start slow and try this out to help strengthen your entire posterior chain from upper back to hamstrings.

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