I started Train Better Fitness in 2009 to expand upon my mission to provide the best quality training services and fitness information I could so that anyone could reach their lifestyle goals. Since then it has become more than just a blog – it’s become a community.

The slogan I started with back then is still just as important to me. “Train Harder. Train Smarter. Train Better” reflects my belief that fitness is a lifestyle that requires not just hard work but intelligent planning and the relentless pursuit of all forms of strength. Many people train with lots of intensity, but no real direction or proper knowledge, while others have a great knowledge base but don’t bother breaking a sweat. In the end, both groups often end up failing to achieve their goals. You have to train hard and smart if you want to train better.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

If you don’t know this already, my name is Chris and I have dedicated my entire adult life to the relentless pursuit of strength. I’ve been helping people reach their fitness goals for years and love doing it. In addition to this I hold numerous World, National and NY State powerlifting records and have been ranked in the top 100 all-time men’s 132lb raw powerlifters on PowerliftingWatch. I’ve also been published on EliteFTS.com, T-Nation.com, Bodybuilding.com and in Men’s Fitness magazine. I’ve also accomplished some pretty cool lifting feats including a one-armed pullup, muscle-up, human flag and 3x bodyweight deadlift.